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Migraines :: a real painA problem that has been a bother to me for four or five years is becoming chronic. Migraines. It has gotten to the point where I have to have medicine near me all the time just in case. Fortunately, medicine in Thailand is cheap and we've been able to work out a nice little cocktail of pills that is effectively a few Excedrin Migraine tabs. When taken early enough this can curb most of the symptoms, but if I miss that window I'm in for a long day of horrible pain, nausea and even loss of vision.

These migraines seem to be visually triggered, most often by events surrounding a lack of sleep or food, or too much caffeine, driving, lights or rain. The other evening one of the worst migraines I have had, and I've been hospitalized for them, came on while driving back to the village and I had to stop the truck for a few minutes to clear my eyes. Shortly after arriving back in the village the fuzziness in my eyes became so bad I had to have people help me walk back to my home. The neat thing in all of this was that the elders from my village all came and prayed for me, their presence and prayers were a real comfort in an otherwise painful moment.

If this is supposed to be another lifetime thorn in the flesh or a message for me when to slow down, so be it, but I would like to ask for you to pray that I would be healed from the chronic distraction that these migraines have become. Thanks for your prayers.

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