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Health in the Villages

It's the rainy season again and we're seeing all the signs of the season - especially in our little Akha clinic. Mostly we are seeing the aches and pains of joints and 'old mountain injuries' which generally tell that it is going to rain. These are easily treated with an ear to hear the complaints and a little paracetamol to help lessen the pain when they sleep. Also on the daily symptoms list are the cuts, bruises and scabies (itching and sores) from the kids.
Last year our local epidemic was Chicken Pox, this year it might be ear infections. We are seeing quite a few babies with fevers and ear infections, we've even seen an adult Akha woman with a bad ear infection. Much of this is simply daily life in an Akha village, but please remember and continue to pray for health and life for the Akha of the hills of Mae Salong during this rainy season.

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