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Thankful for Thailand

Sometimes we use our blogs to vent some frustrations about life in Thailand, but not today! Today we want to share how thankful we are to be here. The big praise report is that we have our Visas and Work Permits squared away until March 2007. Praise God! We went up to Maesai (just the two of us) hoping everything would work out despite not speaking Thai and were incredibly blessed to get an English-speaking worker at the office. They were very helpful and despite a few problems on our end they approved our visa.

So now it's (pretty much) official, little Bean is going to be born here in Thailand. We're thrilled to have this chance to raise a child among the Akha and in Thailand. God has been so faithful to us and though we bounce between fear and excitement in having a child, we are certain that God's faithfulness to provide will not fail.

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