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Serving the Kingdom in Southeast Asia

Rainy Days

What an amazing experience this life is! Here, on the very edge of 'civilization', leaning back against the woven bamboo walls of my home, listening to the interaction of three Akha mothers sewing and sheltering from the rain and the peeping of baby chicks learning to find their supper I can hardly remember the busy life outside of the village. In Northern Thailand the rainy season and the school year start at the same moment, making for a quiet time in the village.

The Akha have their difficulties, they live hard and work hard to put food on their tables and to care for their children, but in moments of peace and light rains on the mountain they know how to sit and take in the world around them. It is so natural in them, but it takes so much effort for me.

All of our little friends have just walked back from school, so no more writing (no more quiet either) - it's time to play in the rain.


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