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Hey I Knew Those Guys

I'm out of it for a little while and everyone starts getting delusions of grandeur. -Han Solo (Listen)

Times change, people change, the world is moving quickly, but this is just strange... (whispering) I know famous people.

I guess it's the way things are, eventually you know enough people that someone becomes famous, but it seems that overnight a number of people from my school days have gone off and become famous musicians.

The most notable (because of the label, Epic Records) is The Fray, who are apparently taking the U.S. by storm with their album How to Save a Life, but also quickly climbing the list are The Films who are climbing charts with their hit Black Shoes.

I can't say much about these releases of either of these bands since I live half a world away, but the last I had heard from these guys they were playing for different bands and, for that matter, had different names (Google can be unkind if you have a very common name). However, their previous bands, Fancy's Showbox and Tinker's Punishment were both amazing, so I am certain that their new projects must be quite impressive as well.

But who am I to say? My favorite bands were the Smiley Kids and Trump Mother Jones, and they didn't get very far. I guess timing and luck play a part in the whole famous thing too.

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