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Visa - it's everywhere we aren't

We found out this afternoon that a fraudulent charge on our Visa card was made from Florida - for $24,000! Fortunately (?) that is way above our credit limit and immediately cause flags to go up all over the place. Also, fortunately, we contacted our Visa company two days ago to make a phone purchase and let them know that we were in Chiang Mai. Those notes on our account froze the account and kept the fraudulent attempt from doing much damage.

Everything seems to be under control and I must say that the customer service was very pleasant to deal with, but please keep this in prayer. We have had some very interesting financial experiences this year with ATM issues, statement issues and now this reissued Visa card. It's frustrating to deal with this silly "side-business" and we appreciate your prayers that all of our financial business would not be a distraction from our ministry to the Akha.

Please continue to hold our finances in your prayers. Pray that there would be no further complications with this fraudulent charge and that this whole situation would resolve itself quickly.

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