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Solace in a Bottle

Armed with a Bottle of Pepto I'm updating our web page todayI had a much better title for this post but Lori used her marital veto on it, once again saving the world from my little mind. So despite the onset of your imminent overwhelming curiosity, the bell in Charn will never be rung and the original title will forever sleep.

I briefly referred to a stomach bug that was going around our village in The Akha Clinic (see the paragraph on dirt floor appreciation) and it seems I am not immune to this little bug. So, I'm down in Chiang Rai fighting off a little fever with some air conditioning and fighting off this stomach bug with my friend the bottle of Pepto Bismol.

The silver lining (pink lining?) in this situation is it gives me the opportunity to work on the WishList page so many of you have been asking for. Near the top of the list... Pepto Bismol, along with a list of other medical supplies for the village, suggested gift items for anyone visiting an Akha village and personal items that are difficult or impossible to get in Thailand that we would love from home.

Keep checking our front page under On This Site (in the left sidebar) for the new link or just click here to see if it is up and running.

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