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Prayer Update : Mi Shui

Mi Shui is on the mend and is flashing that beautiful smile again. This little Akha girl broke her arm while playing in our villageThank you all for your prayers and encouragement. Mi Shui's family was very grateful for the support and had a "bi dza" (Akha literally "give food") in thanks. It was a wonderful time. Little Mi Shui is much happier now that she is back in the village with her sisters and dad - her mom is much happier too. The Akha are really out of their element in the city, they are nervous and feel the lack of community around them. Seeing them in the city helped us to understand some of our cultural struggles while in the village.

We do have another trip down to the hospital in May, please keep her in your prayers that all would be healing well and no surgery be required. Lori sewed a sling for her cast that looks just a little more Akha than the white bandages (white anything in a village does not stay white long) she had before.

Thanks again for all the prayers, we'll keep you updated!

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