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Not a Proud Day

Most of you know my degree is in Civil Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. I loved my collegues and fellow engineering students. I was proud of my work and am glad for the training and preperation that it has given me for my work in Thailand with the Akha - but I must admit that to be a civil engineer is not to be in the most prestigious of company.

Don't misunderstand me, I am not at all ashamed of being an Engineer. My Grandpa Du and my dad both worked as civil engineers and I was proud to follow their work. But any group that lifts Thomas Crapper (I'm not joking here) to the height of immortality has it's issues.

But, perhaps, a new low is upon us. A new posterboy has arisen. Joey Chestnut, a civil engineering student at San Jose State yesterday ate 50 hotdogs in the qualifying round of Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest setting an American record. And that's not all, "sportsfans", apparently this guy is a competitive pork rib, waffle, jalepeno pepper and hot wing eater as well. Hey, at least he has his health.


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