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I Have Seen the Future... I think.

Every once in a while, I like to share about digital, software or hardware developments that catch my interest. Today, while browsing my NewsFox headlines I stumbled across a very interesting invention on Engadget that I would have bought if I was still working on computers full-time (especially doing CAD design / drafting work) and would consider buying now - but it doesn't exist yet.

While we enjoy the benefits of Skype and Gaim and Blogs for cheaply communicating around the world, we also recognize the problems of poor eyesight and carpal tunnel syndrome (as an important aside, my grandma needs carpal tunnel surgery - please pray for no complications and quick healing). While people have attempted to develop screen glare reducers, voice recognition programs, touch screens and even thought reading devices to change the way we interact with our computers, Ari Zagnoev from Perth, Australia might have designed a much better option to stop that painful popping in my wrist.

the future of computer interaction? The Combimouse has certainly caught my interestThe Combimouse is an intuitive design which combines the mouse with the right-hand keys of the keyboard. This minimizes movement from keyboard to mouse, but perhaps the most intriguing thing about this design is that the mouse-half of the Combimouse can be combined with your laptop keyboard. The idea of not having to use my uncomfortable laptop keyboard while not having to lug around a full size ergonomic keyboard AND mouse is very appealing.

Unfortunately, this mouse/keyboard cannot be purchased yet. It is still in the start-up (development?) stage. But the idea is very intriguing and with the advent of wireless availability and Bluetooth devices, this Combimouse could very quickly become the next evolution in computer interface controls.


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