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Foursquare Missionary to Poland

We wanted to point out another Foursquare Missionary - Denise Johnson, Missionary to Poland. Lori and I had the pleasure to meet her for a very short time when we were training at the WorldBase in Los Angeles, CA. Denise has been a missionary since 1986 - and full time since 1996 and has an incredible passion for the relationships she has in Poland. When we met her, we were so green (still are) in ministry and we were very excited to go to Thailand, but her desire to return to Poland blew ours out of the water - we pray that our passion continues to grow as hers obviously has. When you hear her share you realize that in her heart, Poland has become her home.

Denise has been updating her blog, Journey of the Heart, since July of 2004. Her most recent post My Sunshine / Son shine Room is about the attempts to convert part of her basement into a meeting area - now that's commitment! Take a look at her site when you get the chance and pray for her ministry in Poland and as it extends throughout Europe.

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