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I started an amazing book this morning. Talking Animals. Magic. Giants. Nomads. Wars. Murder. Adventure. Emerging Culture. Emerging Language. And all of that is just the introduction. The stage. The first 15 chapters of the Greatest Story Ever Told.

Many of you heard me share about my struggles with literacy in culture and how it's affected my approach to the Bible in my walk. As modern-day (postmodern?) believers we put so much pressure into the term "quiet time". Even the term "quiet", designed to emphasize a quieting of the soul to hear from the Lord, can place a tremendous burden on the time we set aside to spend with the Lord. Devotionals? Prayer Time? All these terms place an emphasis on a discipline. Worship, prayer, the Word and the disciplines are all critical in the life of the believer. It's how we plug in, but the routine can become routine.

I was too overwhelmed to study, too tired to seek truth or to examine the depths of my soul. This morning I picked up a book. A great story that I want to share with my friends. I had forgotten that.

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