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A Mi is Smiling Again

The bee sting has healed and AMi is smiling againRemember sweet little A Mi? (Akha Have Allergies Too, May 8 2006) Well, the liquid anti-histamine finally did the trick and she is all smiles again.

One of our constant observations as we try to give back to our village with our Akha Clinic is that the learning curve for medical care is pretty steep. The first time we see a symptom or ailment, even if we can immediately recognize what it is, we are usually not prepared to treat it. As time goes on and we observe more and more somethings, we are prepared to see them again.

I guess it's probably a lot like raising a child. This first pregnancy, although we immediately recognized what it was, is quite the steep learning curve as well!

Thanks for your prayers and concerns over little A Mi, we will let her know that so many people in America were asking about her.

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