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Pray for Mi Shui

A Bu Mi SuiWe've just returned home from the hospital where this three year old girl from our village named Mi-Sui was treated for a broken forearm. The day before yesterday, she fell while playing and broke both bones in her left arm.

Since we have the only car in our village, Mi-sui, her mom, Paul and I headed off to the nearest hospital which is about an hour away. Once we arrived, they did an X-ray and said that the break was too severe and they couldn't treat her there. They sent us another hour south to the Chiang Rai hospital.

The doctors and nurses at the Chiang Rai hospital set her arm around midnight while she was under anesthesia (thank goodness!) and put her in a full-arm cast. She was kept in the hospital for an additional night for observation and was released today.

She will need to be in the cast for about a month before returning to Chiang Rai to make sure that everything is healing properly. If the bones aren't healing properly in a month, she might need surgery, so please pray for quick and complete healing!

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