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Serving the Kingdom in Southeast Asia

Work Permits, Visas and other Necessary Things

Hurry up and wait. We say that to one another all the time. Also: "How can we be so busy and get nothing done?" Well, we passed a major hurdle this morning (thanks to our wonderful friend, Bu-Zi), receiving preliminary approval on our Work Permits! We have only to bring in "a few more" forms and the major stage of the process will be complete.

Once our work permit is complete, we will need to apply for a new visa. Last year, we had to travel to Myanmar every three months to check in with the passport authority of Thailand. From what we understand, under the work permit and new visa all we will have to do is mail in a letter stating our location and what we are doing. We also will be able to renew or Work Permits and Visas in country, which will save us significant expense.

Please pray that this process would continue to go smoothly. We are still waiting to see when we will go up to the village. Once all the red tape is taken care of we will probably go to Chiang Mai to pick up A-Ju and all go back to the village together. Thanks for your prayers!

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