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Serving the Kingdom in Southeast Asia

Video Download and LA Send-Off

We're completing our last stop and are looking forward to heading back to Thailand - and to hitting the ground running! To finish our time in the States, we caught up with *almost* everyone at the Foursquare Missions office today, dealt with some business and just debriefed from the last year.

Angelus Temple - Dedicated to the inter-denominational spread of the Foursquare GospelOne of the coolest things was when we saw an Akha village when we were walking out of the offices! One of the churches under Pastor Timothy (Fang, Thailand) was on the television in the office and seeing Akha huts, Akha kids and Akha believers stirred something in us to get back home. If you are interested, you can download that video from the FMI website.

Speaking of things that were stirred in us, we were reminded once again of what struck out hearts when we first came to Los Angeles about Foursquare. It is the cornerstone that Angelus temple is built upon:

"Dedicated To Interdenominational, Worldwide Evangelism"

That's what this is about, this Call, this Christianity. This is what drives us. To give every ear the opportunity to hear the gospel. Beyond denominations, beyond tradition, the Truth of Christ to the world. That's why we love Foursquare. That's why we do what we do.

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