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Serving the Kingdom in Southeast Asia

Travel Notes...

Well, we're back in Thailand, but I thought it would be fun to give you all some of the important numbers from our trip to the states...
  • Number of days in the U.S. = 47
  • Number of states we set foot in = 4
  • Number of beds we slept in = 9
  • Number of Chipotle burritos we ate = 14
  • Pounds we gained during our stay = 30
  • Number of hours it took us to get back to Thailand = 33
  • Longest time on a plane = 16 hours and 45 minutes (Los Angeles to Tai Pei)

And last but definitely not least....

  • Amount of new monthly pledges prayed for: $250
  • Amount of new monthly pledges recieved: $250

Thank you all for your prayers and support ...And for a great visit in the U.S. !

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