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Serving the Kingdom in Southeast Asia

the memories I hold dear

A few days ago I found myself tromping up a creek in northern Thailand and I couldn't help but think of the summers I spent at Canyonview Camp growing up. "Creek Walking" was always one of my favorite activities at camp. The cool water on my hot and dusty feet. The sound of the water happily skipping over the rocks. The shadowy green canopy of trees overhead with just one beam of brilliant sunlight peaking through the branches as if it couldn't stand to be left out of the fun. Even now, many years removed and thousands of miles away, I have such a vivid memory of His glorious creation and the joy of those times. I praise God for the beauty, His beauty, which I've experienced in my life. But I'm in awe when I realize that the memories I hold dearest are the very things that God was using to prepare me for the future he had in store for me. Who would have guessed that the steady step I learned as a child over mossy rocks in Oregon, would end up being such an applicable training for the mission field? Or better yet, I wonder if it's just that He knows how the beauty of creek walking is written on my heart and he loves me enough to weave the thing I love throughout my life. Either way, Psalm 37:4 comes to life and I cry out you are good, you are good and your love endures!

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