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Serving the Kingdom in Southeast Asia

Six Hours to Nowhere

After driving to Chiang Mai and back with A Ju's Mom and sisters we decided to spend one more night in Chiang Rai before heading up to the village. I had driven for six hours, and all the Akha had been in vehicles for over nine hours yesterday so no one was looking forward to another two hour drive.

We also found out last night that our work permits have come in. We have to come back on Wednesday to pick those up, then we will begin processing our new visas.

In other news, there is a village up near ours that has been wanting to view the Jesus film for some time. It's a great process, the entire village gathers in an open area at night and they project the film (in Akha) onto a large sheet. We are hoping a group will come up in the next day or two to show it. We do not know if this village is Christian or not, but please pray that they will be open to the message of the gospel.

That's all for now, we'll keep you updated as all these stories develop.


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