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Pablos (not so) poor picks

When I lived in America, one of my favorite diversions was Fantasy Sports. Football, baseball, hockey and the Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament became even more interesting when another level of competition was added. I had leagues with old buddies from college, and leagues with co-workers and friends. Of course, nowadays I'm just not around an internet connection enough to maintain the weekly lineups and trades necessary to enjoy such a diversion, but I was able to pick my 2006 Bracket for this years NCAA Tournament.

Now, of all my diversions, the NCAA Bracket is historically my worst. Although I enjoy college basketball, it is not a sport I follow much outside of the tournament itself. Still, every year I would scour pages from and to see who the Cinderella team of the Tournament would be. I would then combine all the information I had gleaned from these experts and make my educated picks.

This year, I didn't have the time to see who the "favorite" picks were, so I threw my bracket together with what little knowledge I had... and now I am in the 97th percentile of most successful brackets. Though it will likely not last too long, I am ranked 33,000 out of hundreds of thousands of brackets. Makes me realize all the time I wasted "researching" the big winners.

Of course, my picks aren't completely without insight. As a test, we had an Akha friend of ours pick their own bracket, and she chose Duke to be upset in the first round and Utah State to win it all.


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