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Notes from an Akha house

We have had a relatively quiet day today after a very active day yesterday and had a chance to catch up on some of the household chores that just needed to get done (and a chance to email in a blog entry from our phone). We needed to 'rewire' our kitchen - which means extension cords and metal tiebacks (thank God for the leatherman!), sweep / scrub / scrape / burn / and otherwise clean all the surfaces in the kitchen and arrange everything back again. These tasks are significantly increased in difficulty by the miriad of children who flow through our home like a mountain stream.

We also took the time to do the less traditional chores of mosquito net mending (we're still paying for our adventures with the rats) and land planning (portions of the land our home is on are crumbling/eroding away), but both of these jobs will take a few more efforts to complete.

It was great to get some work done indoors and in the shade, because it was hot again today. But after a lot of heat, we finally have some rain this evening (which is adding to our chore list - our thatched roof needs a little tie-down work). Our dirt floors also need some more work, but we will likely have to wait until the rainy season before the village has an excess of water for that job.

We are really enjoying our time with our village, but we are also looking forward to next week when we will be at a camp with Akha youth from all over Chiang Rai.


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