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It DOES feel like 106 Degrees

Weather in Chiang RaiIn Chiang Rai, we are doing the best we can to beat the heat. Although the weather up in Da Ma GoJo Akha was relatively mild, it is hot down in the city. April is the hottest time of the year in Thailand. Lots of sun and not much rain or cloud cover. It's the "Dry Season", but this has been an especially hot and dry March.

This last week has been especially warm, so we have been seeking out air conditioning to stay as cool as possible. While staying indoors and working on the computer the other day, we found a great website which helped us to justify our holing up. Although it was only 95 degrees outside, it felt like 106. That's hot. Other phrases like "Unseasonably hot with sunshine" have further prompted us to stay indoors and not cook. (Which really isn't bad since we can buy our lunches for fifty cents apiece).

In other news, we picked up our Work Permits this afternoon! We are really excited about this step, which will make all our visa processes much easier in the future. Thanks for your prayers in all of this. Please continue to remember us as we continue in all of our applications and the visa process.

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