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Serving the Kingdom in Southeast Asia

Refreshed and Weary

Our time in the States has been a real whirlwind, especially this last weekend (and the days ahead) where we have caught up with old friends and partners with us in our ministry while building new relationships with new friends. Between sharing and hearing we have been very busy, but this has also been such a refreshing time and a constant reminder that God is good. Sharing at Hope was wonderful, and even more encouraging was the buzz over the next days as people told us how they are telling their friends and family about the faith of our Akha friends.

Thank you all for praying for us as we have shared - and thanks to all the friends and family who have come (to churches, open houses and dinners) to hear us speak about our love for the Akha and our village. Over this next week we will be sharing with a school chapel and meeting with our pastors as we look to build vision for our next time in Thailand. Please continue to hold us in your prayers.

My sister and her two children (Junior and Tish) just arrived this evening. Also in town from Kassel, Germany are my Brother and his wife with one of their friends. Later this weekend, my sister's husband will join us as well and all the kids will be back under one roof. It's really wonderful to have everyone from all over the world back "where it all began".

Thanks again for all the support and encouragement here in the States, we have had such a wonderful time with you all (and look forward to time with those we haven't seen yet). We hope you all enjoy a great Valentine's Day!


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