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With the pressure of 100+ unanswered messages in my inbox weighing down on me, I have decided to instead write a light-hearted update to relieve my e-guilt. Though most of you know of my major time-wasting TV addictions (those being baseball, football, volleyball, hockey and anything else with appropriate levels of competition), I have a subtler, more controversial love:

Scrubs.Scrubs, starring Zach Braff And now, thanks to my great friend Andy Engdahl, I now have hours of this hillarious comedy, along with commentaries and extras to enjoy. Lori and I love this show so much that it constitutes a large part of our daily interactions, quoting obscure references to each other. We know, this is not one of the most wholesome of shows, and we certainly would not recommend it for children, but something about its comedy, its script and its characters really rings true with us. I would go into more philosophical details here, but I am bound by my previous rule of "light-hearted update".

Recently Scrubs aired it's 100th episode. Thanks to Lori's parent's Tivo we were able to watch this episode (many times) and it is (in my opinion) one of the best three Scrubs episodes ever. This Wizard of Oz spoof is deserving of an Emmy award (of course, this opinion is coming from someone who recently confused the Grammy's with the Golden Globes - pop culture is admittedly not my stongest suit). Beautifully tied in to the flow and storyline of the sitcom were illusions and homages, both subtle and absurd, to the Victor Fleming classic.

So, there it is. My light-hearted update to all of you who are waiting with baited breath for responses to your emails. Thanks for your grace and patience!


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