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Hot lips...

Have we ever mentioned how spicy Akha food is? Most Akha meals are an upper-lip sweating, nose running, mouth burning, wonderful culinary experience. However, we didn't realize how much we had adjusted to the "spicy-ness", until we went to Taco Bell yesterday.Taco Bell Hot Sauce Before we left for Thailand, my Taco Bell sauce of choice was "mild." Of course, Paul has always loved spicy foods, and before we went to Thailand, his sauce preference was one packet of "Hot" and one packet of "Fire." Well, yesterday neither of us could get enough hot sauce to satisfy our new spice-loving tongues. In one meal, the two of us used 6 packets of "Hot" and 10 "Fire" and walked out with that familiar comforting burning on our lips which has come to mean a tasty meal.


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