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Serving the Kingdom in Southeast Asia

Busy-ness and Blogging

Technology available at every turn. Wireless, hi-speed internet connections. No nine-to-five to take us away. You would think we could be more consistent at updating our Journey Notes about our time in the States. Well, we have found that "computer" time is hard to come by. Hopefully most of you who check our site regularly have had a chance to catch up with us so far, but we know there are many of you we haven't had the opportunity to see yet.

For those we haven't seen, we hope to amend that in the next week and weekend. For those of your who attend Faith, we are hoping to be there this coming Sunday and are looking forward to seeing you then! Until then, we'll try to keep our blog(s) up-to-date for you to catch up with us here.

Thanks for visiting.

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