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A House Divided

Dr. James Dobson has a recent podcast discussing attacks against his character and his ministry over recent bills in the Colorado legislature. While I am no expert on these political issues, and encourage you (especially those of you who live and vote in Colorado) to look more carefully into these bills on your own, I wanted to note that these attacks are coming from other Christians. This was Dr. Dobson's response to these articles and web sites:

Dr. James Dobson

I'm used to getting beat up from the radicals from the {political} left. I deal with that because that goes with the territory. I really find it very difficult to be attacked in such an unfair way from conservatives who claim to follow the cause of Christ. That is very hurtful.

As believers we will always be attacked by the world. To take on the name of Christ is to "pick up our cross daily". This is not easy! Why then, do we as a church body so often slander and defame and beguile one another in this way?

I am not saying that we should let one another get away with anything for the sake of unity. We are responsible for one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. But whether it is a pastor in a church, a young Christian believer or a leader and representative of the church such as Dr. Dobson, our response to a perceived wrong must still follow the Biblical model, not by writing slanderous and pretentious websites. This is the way of the world. Let us be in the world and not of it.


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