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Texas? I HAVE been gone a while

I was able to watch (LIVE!) the first three quarters of the Rose Bowl game when I was in Chiang Mai. Dan and I headed off to the airport at 8:30 in the morning to go to the only sports bar we know of in Northern Thailand (I'm certain there are others, we just don't know where they might be) where we enjoyed French Toast and honey while watching Texas take on USC. Unfortunately, we had to move on before the fourth quarter but it was great to see a little bit of American football - I just haven't caught on to the whole soccer thing yet.

There are probably thousands of people writing the same thing all over (America) right now, but I will join the masses and throw in my two cents - Vince Young is an amazing football player. With all this build up about Reggie Bush being the best running back ever, his landslide heisman victory and his heisman twin handing him the ball no one looked twice at the player that made an average team amazing. I couldn't follow college football much this year, but I saw the Big 12 championship game score as (an admittedly hurting) Colorado saw Texas put 70 points on the board. Even after that Young did not turn many heads.

Well, congratulations Mr. Young. A National Championship against a great team, no one can question your ability now (except maybe the NFL)


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