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Pray... Against Discouragement

For several days, Paul & I have been feeling pretty discouraged. We were planning on going back up to the village last Saturday for one last push in the village before coming home to the US. But we haven't made it back up, feeling that we just couldn't handle the stress of being in the village. However, being down in the city hardly seems much better. We've had plumbing projects that have been waiting to get done for months now. We've tried to get them fixed but every time it seems that we get home with the wrong part! The other day I said to Paul, " I know why the sink in the bathroom still isn't fixed! It's because I can't bear the thought of making another attempt to buy the correct part and failing AGAIN!"

Maybe it's because we're so close to our visit to America that the culture shock is finally kicking in full force. We've talked about how it's similar to college days; just after you finished finals you'd get sick for your whole break. We feel a little like that... only the "sickness" didn't wait until "finals" were over.

Anyway, what really prompted this blog is that Paul's computer just died... really died. It feels like the straw that broke the camels back! We feel paralyzed to deal with another problem however insignificant it might sound in the grand scheme of things!

We could really use your prayers (whether you're the type who prays for the "health" of computers or not) for our state of mind, wisdom and strength for the coming weeks.

PS (Can you do a "PS" in a blog?) Even as I write this, the ill computer is showing unexplained signs of life! "Thank you Lord for bringing us to our knees and then giving us hope to carry on!"

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