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Well, those NFL conference championship games were nothing to write home about - but perhaps an even greater loss is coming for the Denver Broncos. Credit to the Steelers (or "Stillers" as the locals call them) who were very impressive. Seattle looked like a pretty good team against Carolina, but after seeing Pittsburgh pick apart both the offense and the defense of the Denver Broncos I think I'm going to have to throw my hat into the ring for them to finish it all at Super Bowl XL (it hurts even more that Broncos won't get to play in the coolest Super Bowl number ever - XL). How can you pick against them now that they have overcome incredible odds to become the first "6-seed" to go to the Super Bowl? Anyway, such is the up-and-down life of a sports fan - now it's on to the Avalanche, March Madness and Spring Training gloating now that Johnny Damon is a clean-shaven, above-the-collar New York Yankee.

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