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Happy New Year!

Well, it's 11:38 pm as I write this. If we were in America, right now we would be gathering with friends, probably pouring some sparkling cider and turning on the TV to watch the ball drop. But this night, we are observing a much quieter night. Of course, we are staying up until the stroke of midnight, but instead of games and snacks, we are keeping ourselves awake by watching Star Trek puttering around on our computers!
I went into this holiday season with very strict expectations of how traditions should be observed. I have to admit that our recent holidays were hardly within my expectations, but oddly enough I'm not disappointed. I guess, I secretly thought that after you took away all the American traditions that I know and love, the holidays would seem empty, but just the opposite has occurred. Each holiday has come alive on it's own merit. The birth of Jesus is just as powerful without eggnog and New Years is a wonderful time to remember our new life in Christ whether we have sparkling cider or not!

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