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Denver Broncos... Super Bowl favorites?

"Nothing against the Colts, but I just want to play at home" - Rod Smith
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I can't believe it, it's incredible. I just don't know what happened.
For my (early) Christmas present to myself this year I bought the NFL field pass, which allowed me to live in an Akha village and still come down to listen to the Broncos games when time allowed. After that first game in Miami, however, I thought I wouldn't have to listen to many games this year. But I did continue to listen and though there was always a lingering doubt from that first game, I found myself asking "Are they really this good?" - fearful to get my hopes up too much (two consecutive years of a combined score of 90-34 against the Indianapolis Colts had certainly quieted we Broncos fans).
Not anymore. Now it's for real. A 100-yard interception return from Champ Bailey and the magic gone from Adam Vinatieri's right foot (I can still hear the Pittsburgh announcer "IT'S NO GOOD! HE MISSED IT! MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS FOR DENVER!") and all of a sudden the Broncos are sitting pretty.
Nothing against Pittsburgh, but Denver hasn't lost a game at home all year. And personally, I am just happy that the Denver Broncos have stretched out their season long enough for me to actually watch a game LIVE. It's the little things, you know?


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