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Serving the Kingdom in Southeast Asia

Back in the saddle

Well, we finally shook off some of our crazy-ness (see our prayer request) and are back in the village. It feels wonderful to have an Akha meal (four-bowl of rice minimum) again and it's good to see all of the friends we have made this last year one more time before we head back to the states.
My computer is, as we tell our Akha friends, "in the hospital". The hard drive is gone. However, by a miraculous opportunity (it booted up twice after its initial problems) I was able to back up most of my data onto the external hard drive that FBCI so generously gave us.
After all we went through in "the modern world" it's actually quite a relief to get back to "the simpler life" (blogging on a cell phone in a bamboo hut - I guess we have limits on how "simple" we get). We ate dinner with Lydia and some of the village women and just laughed and laughed. Mostly about language (Lydia has known us so long now she claims to speak "lots" of English, but we've never heard her say a word) and silly things like fear of the dark and eating too much food. We've dealt with a lot lately and it's really nice that we are at the point in language (even though our pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar have a long way to go) where we can get some comfort from our Akha friends.
Well, our Akha pastor is dragging us up at 5:30 tomorrow morning (it's about 10:30 pm now) for a Bible study from Romans - at least that's the best we could understand from him - so I better wrap this up. Pray that we have understanding and alertness, it's hard to sit through conversations in another language at any time - much more so at 5:00 in the morning! See (many of) you all soon!


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