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A golfing resolution

After 10 months of (almost) 100% of the time with Lori, I didn't realize how much I missed hanging out with "the guys". Not saying this last year hasn't been wonderful, but you can only tell each other the same stories over and over so many times. Other than Lori, most of my friends here speak Akha, and although time with them is wonderful, the stress of language takes away from the low-impact time that can describe most of my friendships.
The other day I got to go out with three (english-speaking) friends for a round of golf ($5 for 18 holes). It was great. Nevermind that I shot a thousand and twelve, it was just great to have a day of foolish jokes and kindly insults lightly sprinkled with good conversation.
It's something I'll have to do more than once a year in the future, in fact, maybe that's my New Year's Resolution: "Golf More"
Yeah, that sounds about right.
Happy New Year everyone


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