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Well, Google seems to know us

Google Search

Just when you think you're insignificant in the universe, you search for your website during halftime of the Broncos game (21-10 Denver is driving - what a great year 2005 has been) which happens to be two VERY common words (Vernon Journal) and hey, there we are! I can't pretend to understand how Google works, but obviously you guys are all keeping up with us online - we feel the love!

So, here's a screenshot of what I found when I searched for "Vernon Journal" on Google. I'm not sure if it has any significance, and who knows what changes will occur over time, but for one brief moment, there we were. It's always nice to be number one - especially if your last name starts with a "V" which always put you on the bottom of the list.

All this to say, we just want to thank you all for all your support. Your prayers mean the world to us, your emails are great - but this shows us that you are really interested in our work here and our struggles and stories as we try to learn Akha and discover where our future ministries will be.

Enjoy the holidays (despite all my education, I have had to correct my misspelling of "holliday" five times today) and drop us a line if you get the chance - we love to hear from you. (Anderson's second touchdown of the game 28-10, Buffalo is done!) Goodnight everyone.

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