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The World the Child changed

As missions minded Christians, we cannot help but see the story of Christmas as a missionary story. "For God so loved the World that He gave His only begotton Son". We have been sent by our families, by our friends, by our church bodies to serve the Akha hilltribe, but today our thoughts go so much broader - to those who have been sent all over the world. Although our call has brought us to the Akha, it is for the World that Jesus has come.
A missionary, when you pull off all the Christian lingo, is quite simply "one who has been sent" and today we want to recognize and think of all of you who have been sent. The Burroughs, who were sent to Boulder. The Dalys who have been sent to Mexico. The Hickox who are being sent to India. Adriel, who has been sent to Perth (and beyond). All the MTS's (now interns) and Associates we have met and worked with from FMI. All those who we have built friendships and relationships with here in Thailand and the Akha missionaries who are being sent to reach their own people. All those who we have "met" from missionary blogs, and all those who I have not added here but should have. It is the season to celebrate the sent ones. The season to celebrate Christ.
Whether you have been sent by an organization or by a simple word from God, we want you to join us in celebrating the work that is being done for His kingdom. Remember in this time those who have gone before us, and those who are giving their lives even now.
We also have set up a map through Frappr under a group called missions and would love for you to come and join it. When you join you can show where you are serving (in whatever capacity you have been sent) and post a picture of yourself or those you are working with. We are also setting up a forum for discussion of all things missions, from furloughs to methods to culture shock.
Rejoice! for the Child who changed the world is STILL doing amazing things.

Missions Frappr

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