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Merry Christmas from Thailand

Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you all had a great Christmas with friends and family. We had a wonderful Christmas here in Chiang Rai - or should I say a number of Christmases. Besides our village Christmas, we also had an evening with House of Joy and a missions group who were visiting from Singapore - Akha food, skits, singing, Akha dancing (simalar to what you might think of Native American dances - a lot of percussion and synchronized dancing around a fire) and roasting Hot Dogs over a bonfire. There is nothing like Christmas with seventy children!
Christmas eve was spent with friends at a local hotel in Chiang Rai which puts on an American-style buffet every Christmas, and we spent Christmas day at home as "just Paul and Lori". We watched White Christmas and had a generally relaxing day. Also, thanks to the convenience that is Skype, we were able to speak to our families.
For those of you we haven't called, we just wanted to send you our Christmas greetings as well and send along a picture of our Christmas decorations.
We hope you all had a blessed holliday & look forward to seeing you in the coming months!

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