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Best laid plans of mice...

No, this isn't another post about our house rats. Rather it is a note on the constant changes of life in a village. In Akha Christmas we talked about our plans to rebuild our house. A few days of rain and a big "give rice" (a party in an Akha village when someone is getting married, or leaving or celebrating something) later and all we had gotten done was a little work on the new bathroom. We had to come back to the city to get some work on our home in town done and pick up Christmas gifts for some orphans in a village near ours (amazing story for another time).
It's getting to the point where we just shouldn't say anything that we are going to do because it always changes. Who'd of thought? Anyway, we are heading back up to the village in the morning (Lord willing) to celebrate Christmas, and we'll see if our pastor (who lives with us) got any more work on the house done. Either way, we're looking forward to an Akha Christmas.
For more info on what has already happened and (tentative) plans for the future see the new release of our Newsletter, now available on our homepage.
Merry Christmas!


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