the Vernon Journal

Serving the Kingdom in Southeast Asia

2006 Prayer Request: Direction

Well, we are presenting our prayer requests in true American "resolution" fashion. We are going to take these next few weeks to evaluate our first step into the missions world. A lot of things went very well and we did a lot of things wrong, but we are resolving to learn from our mistakes and move on. As always, we are asking for prayer for strength and protection on our ministries and discernment as we evaluate our first year.

Specifically, we are first asking for prayer for direction. As our language grows we are seeking our place in ministry. Most of our "ministry" this first year has been in medical help, language learning and whatever ministry we could do in English (surveying, taxi driver, computer work, etc). We have had a number of these opportunities and have more options before us in this next year, but we do not yet know where we are supposed end up. We do know that we still have a heart for young men and women and for discipleship. Pray that the correct steps would be very clear to us and that we would hear God's direction for our education our travel and our future ministry with the Akha.

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