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Serving the Kingdom in Southeast Asia

Ask... and you shall receive

Well, you guys must be praying for us! Even in the simplest of things our needs are being met. However, maybe this post should be entitled "be careful what you ask for".

We have been in the city for the last week (my dad is coming with the sponsor team this afternoon) and have had a nice time catching up on some business and going to a Haw Shui Dza (New Rice Festival). It also has admittedly been nice staying in a home where the rats don't keep you awake. However, last night we heard some strange sounds emanating from our storage room. We dug around in there and found the source of the noise - 4 baby kittens! Apparently we had left the door open one night and mom came in and brought her new babies in "out of the cold". However, our storage room is not the best place for hungry babies - especially when mom is locked outside, so we made a bed for them and put them back outside where mom came back and claimed them last night. Now they are living underneath our hedge - whining right outside of our office.

Assuming they survive to adulthood, one of these little guys might have to accompany us up to the village to take care of our house guests up there. Thanks for the prayers!

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