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New Orleans and Katrina

We want to thank all of you for your prayers and concern about my family down in New Orleans. We have recently heard from my Aunt Kathy who is still in New Orleans but is safe. There is tremendous damage and we are yet to learn what remains of the possessions, but all the family is accounted for. My great-grandmother, Louise Young, made it to Atlanta with my grandma and Kathleen's mother made it to Texas where she is still getting dialysis.

I wanted to share a story my mother send me about my Uncle Mike:

My brother Mike just called at 11pm after getting into Metaire, LA. where he lives. Hie said as they drove on deserted streets with only army helicopters flying nonstop overhead they were pulled over by the sheriffs and asked where they were headed. They feared they would not be let in to see their home. They told the sheriff they were headed into Metaire, not Orleans parish where all the havoc is. Miraculously, by God's Grace they were allowed to pass. There is no looting in Metairie and no people, and NO WATER!!! As he drove up to his home his garage door was blown in and Matthew their son's car had a small dent. The house had 6 inches of RAIN WATER, not toxic waste water. But what brought him to weeping was their precious cat TIGGY, was alive and well! Donna's sister house next door was fine and so was their cat. Mike emptied the rotten food from the refrigerator and plans to go into Metaire tomorrow and rip out all the carpets in the living room bedrooms and large rug in the family room. The rest is tile. Next, he drove to his office building 5 minutes away and his office had only 1 inch of water in it. He plans to get that sucked out tomorrow . There was also no damage to any of his laboratory equipment. We just thank God for sparing them that as well when they thought they had lost all. There is no electricity or water in the city. He hopes by what he has seen today that the city, Metarie will be up and running within a month or two.

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