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Serving the Kingdom in Southeast Asia

A Little of What We Do

Here's a little peek into our activities. Kids are a big part of our lives, and much of our ministry has been to them. The school semester just started in Thailand and we have specifically helped two Akha kids with their education. The first was a girl named Bu-Deu who has three years of school left who we are sponsoring. The second is our little friend A-Ju from our village. A pastor friend of ours got him accepted into a school for the deaf in Chiang Mai and we took him to his school. He was a big hit, showing up with Americans, and we think he will do very well in the school (see the picture below). Please keep him and his family in your prayers as they make this life adjustment.

Our village life has changed lately as the intern pastor has come to live with us. He is a tremendous blessing and the answer to prayer for a language helper. He also knows when our minds are full and we need to just work... the other day Pastor ATu and Paul went to cut down bamboo and build a new table for our home while Lori did the laundry and dishes for the day (no small task when everything is done by hand and you have to walk to water).

Finally we have a picture of our Lo or truck. Many have asked so here it is. It is old and rusty but climbs mountains well and gets us where we need to go. It's really quite a blessing.


Akha PictureA Wa :: Akha Boy at Deaf SchoolMaking an Akha table out of BambooOur Akha Ambulance :: Suzuki Caribbean

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