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We're getting familiar with this place...

It's a little upsetting that this makes two blogs in a row... we have a lot of things to share and I will be working on them today, but first we would like to get a prayer request out. We are back in the familiar environment of Kasemrad Sriburin General Hospital. Two days ago Lori had what we thought was a bladder infection but after she got a fever we came down to Chiang Rai to get her checked out. We learned that she has a kidney infection and she has been admitted for treatment. The fever broke this morning and she is improving but the Doctor wants us to stay for at least one more night. Please keep praying for us and especially for health. There is a lot going on in our village right now and the stresses of new culture, new language and just attacks from the enemy are rough on our bodies. The care in the hospital is wonderful (although Lori has gotten so good at "caring for the sick" that she is struggling a little bit in being cared for) and the rest is good.

Sorry about the lack of contact, we are working on a way to get an internet connection in Mae Salong so we can update you all a little more often. We are praying over a number of decisions right now as we settle more and more into Northern Thailand. I will be writing more posts today to let you all know everything that's been going on but now it's back up to our little apartment on the fourth floor to see how Lori is doing.

Thanks for all your prayers! Lori would love to hear your encouragement if you want to email her.

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