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As you come down the road from Mae Salong you reach a military checkpoint. From there you can go east towards Chiang Rai or west towards Chiang Mai. On the road to Chiang Mai is a little town called Fang (Rhymes with Dong, not Tang). When we were last in Bangkok we met a couple named Jim and Eda who are serving as Foursquare Missionary Associates who were about to leave for Fang to work with Pastor Timothy and his church in the area. During our most recent time in Mae Salong, they called us to let us know that a book they had ordered for us ("Where there is No Dentist", we're coming across more and more abscesses and teeth problems) had come in. So off we went to get the book and spend a day looking around Fang. It's a great little town, mostly fruit orchards and national forest and we really enjoyed our time there. Pastor Timothy and his wife are wonderful people, very welcoming and hospitable. Their English is very good and we really enjoyed talking with them as we ate wonderful Thai food, visited their home, saw Grace church and went to see a hot spring. Jim and Eda are settling in well and are busy with language classes nearly every day. They are living above the church in a very nice apartment and had a friend from their home church, a girl named Tanya who Lori really enjoyed talking with, visiting them.

Great things are happening with Grace church, they have seen many churches come out from them and are purchasing land for a future church site and orphanage. Be praying for them as they are working on the price for the land and looking to make these expansions.

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