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Our Little Mountain Village

Dama Gojo Jo Ley means "I live in Dama Gojo". And that we do, our little Akha mountain village is called Dama Gojo and has begun to feel a little like home to us. We wanted to share a few still shots from our slow paced (yet exhausting... read our most recent newsletter for more info) life in an Akha village. The first shot is A-Ju (nicknamed A-WA). He is mostly deaf, but has adopted us as his project. He has shown us around Mae Salong, shown us how to get water and because of his hearing loss he is a great communicator without the use of words, a large blessing to us. The next still is our first meal cooked by Bu-Cheu and Lori in our home. Then we have Lori with the women elders of the surrounding villages. The dark shot is our view, and two of Paul's language friends A-Go and Law-Pi. Lori's chaw (friend) Mi-Pa is helping us prepare some fish and bugs (again, see our most recent newsletter) for dinner. Finally the most common sight in an Akha village - a baby sleeping in a sarong tied to his mother's (or, in this case, grandmother's) back.

Akha Boy, AWa, showing us the Monkey at a Buddhist TempleAkha Food is Very Spicy!Akha women wearing their headdressesView of Doi Mae Salong tea plantationsMaking Akha SalsaAkha Grandma carrying Akha child

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