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Mae Salong...

We mentioned that we would be moving to an Akha village in our last journal update. At that time we had no idea when we would actually be moving. The Akha there had agreed to build us a bamboo house, and we were planning on going up and helping them build it. So we were just waiting to hear when they wanted to start. Well, just a few days later, we heard that all the Akha had taken a couple days off of work in the fields and had already finished our house! We've spent the last day or so getting everything ready to move, and we're actually leaving today! WOW! We drove up there for church this past Sunday to check things out. The house is enormous! It's almost twice as big as the houses of our neighbors. They have really honored us & blessed us! Our living room is so big that probably everyone in the whole village can fit in it... In fact we're sure that they will!

Now for a little back ground on this village. Doi Mae Salong is a Chinese tea farming community. It was founded in the 1960's by remnants of the Chinese Nationalist Army who were fleeing communist influence. In the 1980's a road was built into the area and since then there has been an effort to incorporate this mainly chinese city into Thai society. The city is quite developed, but still maintains a very Chinese feel. Now you're probably wondering where the Akha play into this story. The Akha have settled in traditional Akha villages just outside of the city and work in the tea fields for the Chinese plantation owners. You can see some pictures of the area and our house by visiting our Photos page .

There is a fairly large Akha church in the Village, but they have had no resident pastor for some time. So far, someone from the bible college generally drives in on Sundays to preach. However, in May, one of the 4th year Bible students will be coming up to live and do his internship with this church. We've heard that this village has quite a bit of spiritual warfare, so definately keep us in your prayers.

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