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Hut Sweet Home

Through an amazing series of events we are moving up to Doi Mae Salong (a Chinese town about 90 km from Chiang Rai) on March 22nd. We first went to Mae Salong early in March and when the villagers heard we were looking for a place to learn Akha they all skipped work in the tea fields and built us a beautiful home. We will first be up there for two weeks at which point we will return to Chiang Rai for a kids camp. We are likely to be traveling between Chiang Rai and Mae Salong frequently, but we willbe doing most of our language learning, therefore spending much of our first year, in Mae Salong. You can read more of our updates on our online journal journey notes.

Akha HutAkha HutAkha HutAkha VillageAkha VillageAkha Village

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