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Serving the Kingdom in Southeast Asia

Home, Sweet Home!

After months of "nomadic life" we finally have a place to call our own. We arrived at the Akha Outreach Foundation (A.K.A. House of Joy/H.O.J.) on Monday afternoon and promptly began settling in. We spent our first night on very hard twin beds and decided that it was time to invest in a softer double bed. ourroom Dan (another American here at H.O.J.) and his Akha wife, Maam, took us shopping for a bed, and we were lucky to find a great deal which included a mattress pad, a set of sheets and four pillows for free when we purchased a mattress. So we've had our new bed for one night and now we're off again. We are heading out in just a few hours to spend the night in an Akha village called Doi Chang (or Elephant Mountain). I guess we're not completely done with our "nomadic life" yet... but at least we have a home base! We'll be sure to send out another update with all the details of our first night in an Akha village when we get back!.

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