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Serving the Kingdom in Southeast Asia

Off we go

Well we are on our way - today is our last "office day" (Lori and I huddle around dimly lit tables in a little coffeehouse in Salem - coffee house cafe - and work on our paperwork, communications, and the general business of leaving the country). We have a few more appointments this weekend - but we will spend much of the next 48 hours packing for Bangkok. We are *also* going to spend tomorrow morning trying to teach me (Paul) how to ride a motorcycle. If I can learn on a dirt bike here in the states, the little 30cc scooters in Thailand won't be any problem at all. We want to thank you all again for your support and your prayers. We are jumping headfirst into all of this and your encouragement has meant the world to us.

Please join us in this time praying for the Akha people, for A-Je and Nancy and everyone at House of Joy and for Foursquare Thailand that we would be a blessing to them.

We love you all!

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