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Hello from Salem!

We really have two main items of news for those of you looking for an update. The first is that our travel dates are becoming more and more certain. We will be leaving from Seattle for Bangkok on February 23rd 2005. We should have internet access whenever we are in the cities... feel free to contact us with any questions or just to drop us a line. We are hoping to spend a short time in Bangkok before heading up to Chiang Rai... but we don't know exactly what that schedule looks like yet. Here's what we do know... the Bible College graduation is on March 12th in Chiang Rai and it will be a wonderful celebration. We expect to arrive in Chiang Rai around the 1st of March. Please keep our schedule in your prayers - it can be overwhelming at times.

Our second "big" news is that we have been incredibly blessed by Foursquare Missions International and have been accepted as Missions Team Specialists. If you are not familiar with Foursquare, that probably doesn't mean anything to you (and, honestly, even as part of Foursquare we still aren't completely sure we know what it means) but basically we now have a larger umbrella covering us as we go. The missions knowledge, heart for the gospel and support are invaluable to us as we begin this great adventure. You can find out more about FMI through the links on the right of this page.

God has been doing AMAZING things in our lives, proving himself faithful day after day. We have so many stories to share, but a quick one involves our Foursquare paperwork... We needed to fill out a number of forms for Foursquare - one of which was a Doctor's release to go work in a third world country. We do not have health insurance that covers us in the United States, so we were a little worried about the cost of the signatures. We went to a doctor's office near Salem and found out the doctor there wanted to charge us $430.00!!! Needless to say, we just couldn't afford it. We left really discouraged and headed for an urgent care clinic. The urgent care turned us away and sent us to a travel center at the Salem Hospital. We explained our situation to one of the front-desk nurses who was sympathetic but couldn't help because there were no Doctors in the travel center. She then ran down the hall and spoke to a Salem Hospital doctor who said if we would show him proof that we had gotten all of our shots he would take care our paperwork - for free! We were walking on air... God even uses paperwork to show how faithful he is!

That's all for right now. Make sure you see OUR UPDATES for the Vernon Quarterly newsletters and any other updates we throw on there.

- Thanks for all of your support -

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